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03/29/14 Herd Culture

Several Vet Students came down from CSU to assist TDA and a producer with a herd culture.

TDA folks fondly refer to a herd culture as doing the chichi cha-cha (perhaps we should be careful here) :)

In any case the event went off with out a hitch. Six vet students showed up at the office at 3:15 AM to head to the dairy. A second set of 5 showed up at 9:15 AM and headed to the dairy to releive the first 6 while another 3 people stayed in the lab to organize the samples and begin plating.

We ended up collecting milk for milk cultures on 2468 cows. Shift 1 collected 1324 cultures and shift 2 collected 1144 samples. Additionally all samples were plated and in the incubator by 3:30 PM that day thanks to those students who organized and plated!

Wish I had taken more pictures. Below are the pics that I have...

Shift 1

Shift 2

Label Table



Parlor 3

Parlor 4


Culture Club in action

To download a ZIP file of all the pics click here

Samples collected and brought into our lab.
Samples set into racks.
Samples brought up to temp in water bath.
Samples shaken, lids removed.
Placed on conveyor.
Foss Equipment runs each sample individually.
Vials are emptied of remaining milk.
Vials placed into rack to be washed.
Rack goes into an industrial dishwasher.
Once washed, vials are placed in drying closets.

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