Mastitis and Reproduction Monitoring

Establishing mastitis and reproduction programs and troubleshooting herd level problems related to these topics is the specialty of The Dairy Authority, LLC.

The approaches have been developed through 10 years of clinical experience. Other experience such as research projects and herd level monitoring have also lent strength to solving problems related to these 2 large issues on dairies. Information relating to these topics evolves constantly. The Dairy Authority will keep you up to speed on these topics.

Mastitis and Reproduction MonitoringIdentification of the problem is only a small part of the solution.

Establishing goals, protocols, action levels, action points and monitoring programs are all done on a herd-by-herd basis. This solution is different for every dairy and can only be developed fully with direct interaction on the dairy. The biggest mistake seen on dairies today is implementing change without evaluation of the solution!

Monitoring of key areas is a must for profitable dairying in the 21st century.

Mastitis and Reproduction Monitoring Continued improvement of mastitis, reproduction and other important factors on a dairy is done through scheduled training and constant monitoring programs. With these sort of tools implemented a looming problem is often identified before it ever causes financial loss or creates a large negative impact.

Herd Health and Production Medicine incorporated into Monitoring Programs

All programs are designed to aid the herd veterinarian or nutritionist. If a more "hands-on" approach is required more can be added to the program. The Dairy Authority can handle any herd health issue from palpations to calf management. Besides herd level monthly monitoring weekly programs can be implemented specifically for the following areas…

  • Hospital Cow Management
  • Dry Cow Management
  • Fresh Pen Management
  • Calf Management
  • Treatment Protocols
  • On-Farm Clinical Trials (or Product evaluation)
  • Mastitis Programs (culture & treatment programs, etc)
  • Reproduction (Timed AI, etc.)

You may request more information on Mastitis and Reproduction Monitoring from the "Contact" page.

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